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Les citoyens éclairés d'Ogri'la ont élu domicile dans la partie ouest des Tranchantes, où la proximité des cristaux apogides leur a permis de transcender la brutalité de leur nature d'ogres.

The Ogri'la are a faction of ogres in the Blade's Edge Mountains, where their proximity to [Apexis Crystal] has allowed them to evolve past their brutish nature. They are currently fighting a war against both the Black Dragonflight and the Burning Legion, who seek the Apexis Crystals for their own purposes.


Ogri'la is situated near the western edge of Blade's Edge Mountains, between Forge Camp: Terror and Forge Camp: Wrath, just west of Sylvanaar. Ogri'la is only accessible by flying mount/form. Another alternative is to have a reputation of honored or higher with Sha'tari Skyguard. But a player must have a flying mount to reach the Skyguard camp near Skettis.


Reputation with Ogri'la can only be gained via Quests, and there only repeatable quests are the available daily quests. Thus, there is a cap on how much reputation a day a player can gain reputation with Ogri'la, making it an "ungrindable" reputation.

Apexis Shards
[Apexis Shard] can be collected in a variety of ways. They can be looted from mobs, gathered from the environment, or they can be rewards from completed quests.
Apexis Crystals
[Apexis Crystal] are dropped from elite demons and dragons in Blade's Edge Mountains. In order to summon these mobs, 35 Apexis Shards are needed, and it is recommended that you have a 5 man group to defeat them.

There are a number of quests that a player can to do earn reputation with the Ogri'la, as well as several daily quests. Many of the daily quests will also grant reputation with the Sha'tari Skyguard when they are first completed.

In order to access the main quests at Ogri'la itself, a player must first complete the 5 group quests from Mog'dorg the Wizened.

Depleted Items

A number of "depleted" items will sometimes drop from mobs. When combined with 50 Apexis Shards, the items upgrade, gaining stats and gem slots. Once the items are upgraded they become Bind on Equip, and can therefore be sold or traded to other players. One thing to note, however, is that although the depleted items may also have stats or effects, they cannot be equipped.

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